Highlights of Running Man Press Conference in Singapore
Wah ! I got jealous with Singaporean.
They are so lucky because RM didn't cancelled the 
fan meetings ! you guys are so lucky *sobsob

- Gary thanked everyone for their support & they will work harder.

- Ji Suk Jin said he's glad to be here in Singapore and thinks that Singapore has beautiful scenery. He hope that they could film Running Man in Singapore one day.

- Kim Jong Kook said Singapore is very famous with trees.

- Song Ji Hyo thanked everyone for their warm welcome eventhough it's her first time in Singapore.
- They were asked they ever feel like giving up running in Running Man, all 5 of them answered "Yes! Every recording of every episode!"
- When asked about the kiss...
Song Ji Hyo answered, "I guess it was good?"
Gary answered, "I guess I'm crazy that moment."

- There'll be special performance by Monday Couple at the fan meeting.