Celebrate birthday in Zoo | awesome

Hye, Assalamualaikum.

17 October !!!!!!!
why ?
of coz that's my birthday *excited 
but it more interesting because
i went to zoo on my birthday !
yeah ! with my friend !
we are having a great time that day !
who's the first wish me?
Syafiqa ! the new students
at 12.01, i think ^_-
Thanks to all friends that sing 
 birthday song to me *im touched, 
wish all the goods thing to me !
really-II appreciate your support !
i love you guys till jannah ;P
meby next year all of us went
to different school !
i won't forget our memories
thanks to be my best friends
have a long live guys!
Gomawo ! Chincha Saranghaeyo :3

Image :

from the left : me, mira, izzah, qur, ila, imaan, syue